Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Facts

There has been a fun little exercise going around my Facebook friends as of late. It's called 25 Random Facts about ....... (enter your own name). Normally I don't go for many of the applications that Facebook have to offer but recently a friend of mine passed away who I didn't keep in touch with as much as I should and this sparked a real yearning to get to know people more...even the friends I think I know well. I've really enjoyed reading the random facts that people pluck from their mind that describe their life, their wishes and dreams and maybe their fears as well.

So I thought I'd carry the exercise over here in Blog land. Here are 5 random facts about me right now...and I would be REALLY happy if you could share 5 random facts about yourself in the comments.
1. I have a tan at the moment which is astounding!

2. My all time favourite book is Persuasion - Jane Austen

3. I really love sweet chilli phillie cream cheese and rice crackers

4. I wish I were more adventurous

5. I have the entire 6 series of Northern Exposure on dvd.

Oh and I'll cheat and add a number 6 ...I just listed this new necklace on Etsy :)

Please share 5 random facts about yourself! I love a good read!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Appeal...Dig Deep, my peeps!!

By now you must be aware of the destruction caused by the Victorian bushfires in Australia in the past week. Over 200 lives lost, thousands of people left homeless and towns like Kinglake and Marysville left devastated. So far there has been over $100 million raised in donations to help with the relief effort. A group of Etsy sellers have also pitched in and have set up a shop with items donated by LOTS of Etsy sellers. All proceeds will be going to Australia Red Cross appeal. Here is the link to the shop... Victorian Bushfire Appeal

And here are some great finds currently on offer!

A Walk In The Forest by SerpentMandalas

Liquorice Wristlet by Meringueshop

Carnelian and Sterling Silver Miracles Necklace by JetFlair

Bronze Ribbon - Hand Cast Resin Bangle by Minty Fresh Fushions

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music and Sunblock

I'm a fan of the ole music festival. Especially this time of year because it seems that nothing says Aussie summer like some acoustic guitar, sunblock, lots of sweaty people and a portaloo. Tomorrow I head off to beautiful Cassegrain Winery to catch Ani DiFranco, Blue King Brown, Jeff Lang and some other acts that I have yet to experience but am looking forward to!
Here is my ode to a bit of blues and music from some awesome sellers on Etsy..

Heavy Metal Pendant by Kahlaw

My Record Collection Bobby Pins by Always Amy

All That Music Print - by Ulaa

Hopefully I will get some pics from the festival and post them on Sunday...Ciao!!