Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Facts

There has been a fun little exercise going around my Facebook friends as of late. It's called 25 Random Facts about ....... (enter your own name). Normally I don't go for many of the applications that Facebook have to offer but recently a friend of mine passed away who I didn't keep in touch with as much as I should and this sparked a real yearning to get to know people more...even the friends I think I know well. I've really enjoyed reading the random facts that people pluck from their mind that describe their life, their wishes and dreams and maybe their fears as well.

So I thought I'd carry the exercise over here in Blog land. Here are 5 random facts about me right now...and I would be REALLY happy if you could share 5 random facts about yourself in the comments.
1. I have a tan at the moment which is astounding!

2. My all time favourite book is Persuasion - Jane Austen

3. I really love sweet chilli phillie cream cheese and rice crackers

4. I wish I were more adventurous

5. I have the entire 6 series of Northern Exposure on dvd.

Oh and I'll cheat and add a number 6 ...I just listed this new necklace on Etsy :)

Please share 5 random facts about yourself! I love a good read!


Pretty Betty said...

This is so cute Kylie!

1. I am so scared of heights on stationary buildings that I get vertigo!
2.My favorite author of all time is Wilbur Smith, writes about Africa!
3. I have been to university twice, once for theatre and music and I also have a degree in Furniture Upholstery!
4. I have one half sister, 4 brothers, 2 half brothers, 1 step sister and 10 stepbrothers(bet you never expected that one!)
5.I once was a competitive gymnast training 15 hours a week

well there you go, 5 randoms facts about myself! hee hee

Kara said...

1. I love anything to do with water, from scuba to...what comes at the opposite end to scuba? Hot baths? Yes. From scuba to hot baths.

2. My favorite author is whoever I am reading at the time. Right now it's James Lee Burke.

3. On a related note, I have about 3000 books, and periodically have to move to a new house to accommodate them all.

4. I love frozen vegetables in their frozen state. Mmmm...broc-cicles.

5. I write novels sometimes, and they are terrible.

(now I want a degree in Furniture Upholstery)

iWunder said...

My turn! My turn!

1. I have 4 cats, but can't get enough of them, so also volunteer at a shelter where I have been known as the "cat lady" for the past 2 years. As long as I don't bring any home...

2. My favorite author is, well I have several. Stephen King, John Steinbeck, Peter Matthiessen, Janisse Ray, but my favorite book is A Confederacy of Dunces.

3. I was a vegetarian for 8.5 years. That didn't work out so well, and now I eat my steak and lamb medium-rare.

4. I love garbage and am fascinated by landfills. So much so that I am getting my masters degree by studying municipal solid waste and what we do with it.

5. I play the clarinet and have run a marathon. Not at the same time however.

Ellen said...

I want to play!!

1. Until I was about 9, I slept with an alligator tooth and shark teeth under my pillow to ward away scary dreams.

2. I have to touch the outside of an airplane before I get on.

3. My favorite TV show is the Amazing Race.

4. I've been a mystery shopper.

5. I have lots of favorite writers, but my all time favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

Meagan Designs Kaedan Krafts said...

ok here I go...
1. I Love LOve LOVE Nascar. Go #26 Jamie McMurray!
2. V.C. andrews and Dan Brown are my fav authors but I have a weakness for self-help books.
3.I went to school for art history.
4.I can only eat beef with ketchup and chicken with honey. (sorry to all the vegetarians)
5.I love watching old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 the original show with Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, Brenda, Donna and David!

Carapace said...

Yay, Earlyblog lives! Ok, fair enough, five random facts:

1. I just bought a bamboo hairbrush. Not bamboo handle-- bamboo brush. All the bristles, everything. And it slides through my thigh-length hair like a fork through water. Very cool.

2.My hair has gotten progressively darker since I was 13. At this rate, I will have jet-black hair by the time I'm fifty. At which point I'll start going grey...

3.My very favorite scent is jasmine, but it doesn't work at all on me. So I use sandalwood, which does.

4.I hate using Macintosh computers. As I'm a graphic arts person, this puts me at odds with my own kind, since graphic artists tend to regard PC users the way I regard those who consider Pace salsa "hot".

5.I wear size 11 shoes.

Chrisy said...

..oh I do love that chili philly..and that northern exposure was sooooo good...lucky u with all the dvds...and yes also need to be more