Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fresh from the Earlybird Oven

Here are some new items, added to my Etsy and Madeit shop. The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few weeks around here, so I've tried to "feel" the warmth with some bright new colours.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Path Taken

This pic here was taken at Warwick Castle in the UK last October.  In it is my (blonde at the back), Jake and Maddy, my adorable stepkids and Chris, my husband and best friend.  This post is actually suppose to be just about Chris however I struggled to find a photo of him where he's not pulling a face or a pose so this one seemed acceptable. 

So, to get right down to it, my husband has been studying to be a teacher for about 4 years.  In a previous life he was a dancer and an actor, in fact he has a degree in Performance Arts.  He has also been a retail manager which filled him with joy every day (not really).  But he decided to become a teacher and after 4 years of battling the books and the uni assignments he finally got there!  So I just wanted to put this little tribute and RARRRRRR!!!! out there in blog land for my husband.  Proud of you darling!