Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Arty Friends!

Well my day at the Port Macquarie Artist Market (normally on the 1st SUNDAY of every month) always leaves me gobsmacked at the wonderful and intriguing talent of my fellow stallholders...seriously, they are all fantastic people who love what they do to the point of obsession - this coming from someone who can't totally relax unless she's surrounded in beads, thread and pliers.

I wanted to feature two of my local artist, the first is Peter and Ros from Wongee Place.  Peter is the master designer who works mainly with copper and brass and takes tonnes of inspiration from the natural world around him.   I bought this cuff bracelet from him a couple of months back...I love the gum leaves!

Visit Peter and Ros either on their blog or at the Port Macquarie Artist Market on the first Sunday of every month!

The other fabulous artist that I would love to yap on about is Kerryanne English from Woodberry Designs  She has just moved up from Melbourne and misses the shopping (nothing can compare to Melbourne shopping!) but from looking at her lovely blog it looks like she is enjoying decorating her home and checking out the local beaches.  Kerryanne was exhibiting her gorgeous cupcakes at the market this weekend (so very delightful that you want to eat them....but you must not...because they aren't real food!) but next month she will have her paintings for all to drool over - can't wait to see them!

To finish off, here are a couple of images from yesterdays artist market. I asked my husband to take a few photos of the general loveliness, and even though he doesn't like this kind of vague instruction (not as specific as "Take a picture of the left hand side of the building facing north") he still did a good job.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I decided that it was time for a nice big long sale, so for the month of November, I'm offering Free Worldwide Shipping on everything in my Etsy shop. Please stop by and have a browse!

Trip Around the World!

Note to all those peeps out there who are contemplating travelling overseas with children...especially teenagers. Make sure you have the stamina, the patience and supplies to see it through to the end! Supplies are important as kids will always underestimate what they should take on the plane. Take Maddy for example. When asked what she was taking to amuse herself, she answered "Well, don't they have movies on the plane?" When told that this may not be enough to entertain for the entire 22 hour flight.. "I'll just sleep I guess." Bahwwwhahahahaha!

I sound like I'm complaining but really I'm not at all! Our trip to the UK was actually quite dreamy! Chris's family were warm and welcoming, my dear special friend Hannah was a delight and put up with us for a whole 4 days (she has stamina!) and the sites and sounds of the Welsh countryside, the Midlands and London were delightful!