Friday, January 2, 2009

January 09....Happy New Year!

Woohoooo! The beginning of 2009 started with a somewhat floppy feeling for me. My modem decided to die a horrible but considerably instantaneous death on New Years Eve morning and I spent 4 hours (the time that I had allocated for chatting with Etsy peeps, drinking sparkling white and indulging in soft cheeses) on the phone to my service provider trying to figure out why the little green light wasn't flashing anymore. The news wasn't good and it turns out that a new modem will take a week to get to me. One. Week. That's an eternity to me! Hubby isn't feeling the pinch too much. The only reason he uses the WWW is to play poker on Facebook.

Anyway, on the brighter side, my parents have decided to give up their computer for a little while (as long as I bake some cookies for them). My plans for throwing a January 09 Etsy sale have not changed and today I have started my free shipping sale! This really is an excellent sale, considering I am in Aussie-land and this would normally contribute to the shipping costs. So if you've had your eye on an Early Bird necklace / earrings/ keyring now is an excellent time to purchase!

In other news I found this fantastic blog dedicated to Australian Indigenous art! The above artwork is taken from this blog. Please check it out, it is visually spectacular and contains some really interesting info about the world of Aboriginal art. Go to Aboriginal Art Blog.

Anyway peeps, enjoy your first week of 2009!


Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

That artwork is brilliant.
We missed you too! I've had that "little green" light die on the modem myself. Not fun at all. Love your newest necklace by the way!

Chrisy said...

Great to stumble into ur blog...loved the title of ur weird isn't it that we automatically think of colorless...and of course it's not....enjoy your writing style...thanks for sharin..