Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Colour of Rain

At the moment my poor parents are stuck over on one of the Fijian islands due to massive amounts of rain and cyclonic conditions (and hence no planes flying). They are quite fine as they have a lovely air conditioned resort and plenty amounts of wine and cheezels to amuse them while they wait for information about when they are leaving the island and landing safely back in Australia. This freakish weather has got me thinking about the colour of the sky and the view they must be experiencing out their window. When I think of Fiji I think of sun, blue green water and lush green vegetation. Here are a couple of wonderful visual feasts I found on Etsy which kind of invoke the image of a drowned landscape and high winds...

Leap54 - This stunning original oil painting by RozArt

Silk -What a fantastic image by SoZeSoZe - Not sure if the beaches are looking quite like this one in Fiji...I'll have to wait for the photos!

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