Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trip Around the World!

Note to all those peeps out there who are contemplating travelling overseas with children...especially teenagers. Make sure you have the stamina, the patience and supplies to see it through to the end! Supplies are important as kids will always underestimate what they should take on the plane. Take Maddy for example. When asked what she was taking to amuse herself, she answered "Well, don't they have movies on the plane?" When told that this may not be enough to entertain for the entire 22 hour flight.. "I'll just sleep I guess." Bahwwwhahahahaha!

I sound like I'm complaining but really I'm not at all! Our trip to the UK was actually quite dreamy! Chris's family were warm and welcoming, my dear special friend Hannah was a delight and put up with us for a whole 4 days (she has stamina!) and the sites and sounds of the Welsh countryside, the Midlands and London were delightful!

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