Friday, October 24, 2008

Venturing into Blog Land

I thought it was about time I got my act together and joined the many bloggers out there. Although the first thought that enters my head is that I'm going to have nothing interesting to blog about, I know this is just ridiculous and that my life is filled to the brim with strange and wonderful happenings waiting to be shared with the rest of the world (wait...this is MY life we're talking about isn't it? Not Amy Winehouse or Harry Potter's?).

My blog will be a mixture of personal happenings and also the celebration of all things handmade, with appearances of my favourite artists and crafters from and

To start my blog adventure I may as well tell you about a fabulous event that I was able to be a part of last weekend (18th-19th of Oct). The Akoostik Festival was a wonderful event held in one of my favourite towns, Wingham, in the Manning Valley, NSW, Aust. Lots of great music, lots of great markets and delicious vegetarian food...or so I was see, I didn't actually get to experience the whole Akoostik festival because of a work-related seminar I had to attend, so my dear husband and dear friend (who could also sell ice to the eskimos) stepped in for me and attended. They took some photos too, which was much appreciated.


Sarah said...

Excellent start, Kylie! Can't wait to read more.

LL said...

Yea for the first blog post Kylie! Great photos of your festival set up! EAT THE FROG!


Ellen said...

Off to a great start! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Great Blog. I cannot wait to read your future posts!

ginny said...

Congratulations on eating that first frog Kylie ;D. You're off to a fab beginning and I'm looking forward to what is sure to become one of my fave blogs!

TinkerWare said...

Your website is lovely, I like the colors. You did a great job:)