Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Marketing Tips...

The Senses
I recently went to a marketing seminar and listened to some really interesting speakers talk about how to attract buyers...and lots of them! Here's a good tip and I will follow this up with a few more over the next few days.

The more senses you involve the more successful you will become. See - Hear - Feel. I was thinking about this one last night and think it is an excellent tip! I mean, look at all those Etsy soap sellers and think about how they brand themselves. The reason they are selling is because their photos and descriptions involve the senses. Most of the soap I come across looks good enough to eat (Taste). The descriptions mention different scents (Smell) and the photos are often just plain gorgeous (Sight). I am going to be considering how I can work the aspect of the senses into my listings.

Have a System
Edward Demming said "94% of failure happens because of the lack of a system" So it's important to have a system with your shop. In fact at the moment, I am following the system of listing an item a day. But if you develop a system with how you organise your day then you are more likely to succeed! I don't believe I have an effective system yet. My day job gets in the way too much (but this is no excuse!). So I'm gonna work on how I can improve the system I am working with.

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Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Good suggestions! I'm going to check back and see what other tips you have to offer. Thank you for sharing!