Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marmalade? Or Apricots?

After listing my newest necklace in my Etsy shop a conversation with my One a Day Challengettes ensued about the unpopularity of marmalade in the US (yes we only talk about REALLY important things). The more we talked about the naming of my necklace (Marmalade versus Apricots) the more I went looking for other gorgeous creations on Etsy to satisfy my marmalade craving. Here are a couple I found...

Curlysue's beautiful Firefly necklace

This gorgeous mixed media collage by Books On Tape

This is possibly the most serious and contraversial blog topic you will ever have the pleasure of reading, I hope you enjoyed this visual feast!


Leah said...

a lovely visual feast!

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

It's great Kylie...may I suggest Mango? Now off to take a closer look at that Alice piece.

Kara said...

Though I am, in fact, American, I feel that I must weigh in on the side of marmalade. Heavily. In vats, if possible.

Thank you for bringing attention to such a painful and delicate issue. It's hard-hitting topics like these that keep a person reading.


Curly Sue said...

Oh thanks for showing off my marmaldey necklace and guess what?! I sold it this morning! I think your fairy dust may have worked its magic :D
xx Carla

Ellen said...

A rose by any other name... ;)